WD8196 Single Component Laminating Adhesive For Flexible Packaging

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Our solvent-free WANDA laminating adhesives deliver a series of solutions for flexible packaging. With close connections to our customers, our researchers and technical engineers are devoted to developing latest production methods and solutions.

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Major Industry Trends

At present, the development of the composite polyurethane adhesive industry shows the following trends:

1. The application field is expanded

As a high-end adhesive, composite polyurethane adhesive has been widely used in traditional packaging fields such as food, medicine, daily chemicals, precision instruments, instruments and electronics, as well as in household appliances, building materials, transportation, new energy, safety protection and other fields.

2. Industry concentration increased

In recent years, the quality, performance and environmental protection requirements of composite polyurethane adhesive products are increasing, and the brand awareness of enterprises in the industry is constantly strengthened, and the market competition is increasingly fierce. The industry as a whole presents a trend of large-scale and intensive development, and the concentration of the industry continues to improve; Companies with strong RESEARCH and development capabilities and high technical levels are expanding rapidly.

3. Specialization development

Along with the growing domestic demand for composite polyurethane adhesive, application methods of continuous innovation, according to customer requirements for product performance tailored special compound polyurethane adhesives will become the future development trend of high-end adhesive, this will to compound polyurethane adhesive production enterprise research and development ability and professional level put forward higher requirements.

4. Import substitution trend

In recent years, on the part of the composite polyurethane adhesive products, technical progress of domestic enterprises has made great strides, gradually to replace imported products of this part, to compete with international giants and downstream customers from the perspective of reduce their own costs, there is a strong demand replace imported products, it also stimulated the domestic development and production of the product.


Used in laminating of various treated film like OPP, CPP, PA, PET, PE etc. with paper



Short curing time
High initial bonding strength
Long pot life≥30 min
Suitable to paper-plastic and paper-aluminum composite
No need to mix, simple to operate
Payment: T/T or L/C

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