Casein Adhesive TY-1300BR

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Product name: Casein Adhesive

Product type : TY-1300BR

Application: Beer bottle labeling

Chemical ingredients: Casein, Starch, Additive, etc.

Hazardous ingredients: None

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Firstly, our sales will reach our customers and collect the demands. Then, our engineer will receive the data and give analysis. If the demands are popular among our customers, we will establish the program. 

Material Safety Data Sheet---Casein Adhesive

Product Information  
Product name: Casein Adhesive
Product type: TY-1300BR
Application: Beer bottle labeling
Product Ingredients  
Chemical ingredients:
Casein, Starch, Additive, etc.
Hazardous ingredients:
Potential Health Effects  
This product is inedible. Contact with this product should be  properly protected according to the following requirements
First-Aid Measures  
Skin contact:
This product contains proper amount of fungicide, direct skin contact with the product is not allowed, individuals having a skin allergy should wear rubber gloves. Please timely clean if skin contact.
Eyes contact:
Remove all eyewear. Rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Seek medical attention if irritation develops.
Explosion & Firefighting   
Explosion: This product is a water-based adhesive, it has no flammability nor risk of explosion in the normal storage, transportation and use process. To prevent colloid metamorphism, it should not be stored in high temperature  or sun exposure for a long time. This product is characteristic of a bit odor, it should be used in a ventilation condition, but not used by combining with other products.
Firefighting: No special requirements.
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Revise Date: Jan.1,2021


We have three packaging solutions, 20KG/PAIL, 200KG/DRUM and 1000KG/DRUM. Pail packaging is suitable for small consumption products. Drum packaging with special bump is suitable for large consumption products, which reduce the contact with air, making production more fluent. 

Production Under Orders

To make the products delivered to customers to be fresh and stable, we will start production when we receive the order.

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