Casein Adhesive TY-1300A

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Product name: Casein Adhesive

Product type : TY-1300A

Application: Beer bottle labeling

Chemical ingredients: Casein, Starch, Additive, etc.

Hazardous ingredients: None

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Material Safety Data Sheet---Casein Adhesive

Physicochemical Property  
Solids content: 38-42%
PH value:       7.0-8.5         
Odor: No obvious stimulation smell
Color: Milk yellow or Light yellow
proportion: 1.10±0.05
Solubility: soluble in water and naturally degrade in water
Stability: Stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage.
Reactivity Basic inert at room temperature.
Conditions to avoid: heat, strong acids, strong alkali and oxidant,  exposure to sun and rain, moisture, stuffiness.
Biodegradability Biodegradable
Heath Hazard Information 
Inhalation: a slight odor, no harm to human body, but ventilation is necessary.
Skin Contact: individuals having a skin allergy may produce allergic symptoms, if happens, ask for medical attention.
Edibility inedible
Environmental Information 
Residual time and degradability This product and its wastewater appearing in the use process are biodegradable under natural conditions, causing no environmental pollution.
Disposal Consideration 
Recommended: Dispose of container and unused contents  in accordance with local government requirements.
Transport Information: This product is not bound by international RID-ADR,IMD-IMDG and OACI-IATA. It is ordinary chemical.
Regulatory Information Not list
Suggested Usage: Beer bottle labeling
Manufacturer:         Nanping Tianyu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address: Shaowu Economic development Zone, Nanping City, Fujian Province, China
Telephone: 86-0599-6303888
Fax: 86-0599-6302508
Revise Date Jan.1,2021

Production Under Orders

To make the products delivered to customers to be fresh and stable, we will start production when we receive the order.



LCL MOQ = 960 KG


As so far, we have no quality problems caused by our own reasons as we have a full set of management system. Every time before we start production, our workers will do the regular routines to make sure no problems caused. Our suppliers are BASF, DOW, WANHUA such these stable companies. 

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