Casein Adhesive TY-1300B

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Product name: Casein Adhesive

Product type : TY-1300B

Application: Beer bottle labeling

Chemical ingredients: Casein, Starch, Additive, etc.

Hazardous ingredients: None

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Material Safety Data Sheet---Casein Adhesive

Accidental Release  Measures  
Personal protection: Avoid direct contact with skin. To accidentally leaked material, it should be washed immediately and it can  degrade naturally in rinse water.
Environmental protection:         No pollution to environment
Clean-up: For materials like package stained with this product  can be rinsed clean in clear water. No special requirements
Storage and Handling Comments  
Protective measures in use: When handle and use this product, wear common work wear and rubber gloves. The packaging barrels should be handled light, not stored near a heat source, kept in a ventilated condition.
Occupational exposure precautions: Keep the operating area ventilated.
Safe operating advice: Keep the operating area clean and ventilated when using this adhesive. Follow suggested application instructions. Maintain wash fountain and quick-drench facilities in work area. If discomfort, go to a doctor for examination.
Storage requirements: Keep in a tightly closed container. Store in cool, and dry area, recommended storage temperature 20-25℃
Avoidance Maintain in a clean state. Keep from heat, strong acid, strong alkali and oxidant, not exposure to sun or rain. a long period of improper storage may result in colloid metamorphism.
Packaging: Polyethylene plastic bucket, clean condition.
Protective Measures  
Protective measures No special requirements. Avoid direct skin contact with products, wear rubber gloves and other labor protection appliances. Keep worksite ventilated and with real-time cleaning facilities.
Personal protection Wear rubber gloves, safety glasses, ordinary cotton overalls.
Skin/Body protection: Avoid direct skin contact. With contamination, rinse with water immediately.
Manufacturer: Nanping Tianyu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address: Shaowu Economic development Zone, Nanping City, Fujian Province, China
Telephone: 86-0599-6303888
Revise Date: Jan.1,2021

Customer Trial

When the customer first uses our product, our suggestion trial is small test for 2000M – medium test for 10000M – massive production. Each test we will value the operations and analysis the problems to give best instructions to customers. 

Instructions For Customers

When the customer wants to develop new products/substrates, we will collect the basic information of the products. Based on the data collected, we will give instructions for our customers to test. 

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