Tips – High Temperature Fast Curing Test During Manufacturing (Workshop)

Main purpose:

1. Test if the initial reaction of adhesive is normal.

2. Test if the adhesion performance of films is normal.



Cut a piece of laminated film after manufacturing and put into an oven with high temperature to watch the initial lamination performance.

Generally, the temperature condition is 80℃ for 30 mins.


Operation points:

1. Cut films as 20cm*20cm, which can lay in the oven flatly.

2. All print design should be included (clear, printed or somewhere need cautions)

3. Samples should be the first roll and the last roll of each day work. Cover all rolls will be the best.



1. The test is for initial reaction of the lamination; the adhesion strength is not equal to the final curing result.

2. It is acceptable to watch the appearance of dry laminates by this test. However, solvent-free laminates can’t. The adhesive layer will shrink when cut off, because of features of solvent-free adhesive. At this time, the appearance of laminates must be bad, but it is not relevant with final cured products.

3. Fast curing test can’t be applied to metalized transfer.

Post time: Oct-31-2022