Seven Factors Affecting the Transfer Rate of Adhesive

Abstract: This article mainly analyzes the seven factors affecting the transfer rate of adhesives, including adhesives, substrates, coating rolls, coating pressure, or working pressure, working speed and its acceleration and environment.



  1. 1.     What factors affect the transfer rate of adhesive?

There are many factors affecting the transfer rate of adhesives. Under general conditions, it mainly depends on the following factors:

1)       Characteristics of adhesives

It is mainly the adhesion of adhesive to specific substrate and the working viscosity of adhesive. The better the adhesion of the adhesive to the base, the higher the transfer rate. When the working viscosity of the adhesive is in a certain range, its transfer rate will tend to be relatively stable. However, when the working viscosity is too high or too low, the normal transfer cannot be carried out, and the transfer rate will show a downward trend.

2)       Characteristics of substrate

It includes the material, thickness, rigidity and base surface condition, the most important factors are material, surface tension and adhesive adsorption.

3)       Coating roller Characteristics

Including coating roller rigidity and surface characteristics, especially the surface of adhesive adsorption.

4)       Coating cots characteristics

It mainly involves the hardness and diameter of the coating cot and the resilience of adhesive layer. Different hardness, different diameter and different resilience have a direct impact on the transfer rate.

5)       Coating pressure or working pressure

It refers to the pressure on the roll between the coating rubber roll and the coating steel roll. In fact, it is the pressure on the substrate, the adhesive layer, and the coating steel roll.

Generally, pressure is bigger, adhesive transfer rate is higher. When the coating pressure is too large, there is an abnormality between the rubber roller, the base material, the rubber layer, and the steel roller, which cannot be transferred normally.

6)       Working speed and acceleration

Within a certain speed range, speed has no obvious effect on the bonding condition of the base material, cots, and adhesives. When the speed changes within a certain range, or when the speed is within a certain range, there will be obvious changes between the substrate, cot and adhesive, and the adhesive transfer rate will change.

7)       The environment

From the long-term operation, the environment will also have a certain impact on the adhesive transfer rate. This influence is realized through the influence on the substrate, the adhesive, and the roller.



The actual adhesive transfer rate is the result of the combined action of these factors! It should be noted that the adhesive transfer rate is related to the surface characteristics of the substrate, whether the substrate is printed and the printing process. Therefore, for the printing substrate, it depends not only on the substrate, but also on the layout.


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Post time: Nov-03-2021