EPAC BUILDING Australia plant to open by end of year

The first ePac production facility will open at the new Newlands Road Food Manufacturing Centre, 8km from Melbourne’s CBD, in the heart of Coburg’s thriving industrial precinct.It will be led by former Ball & Doggett group division general manager Jason Brown.ePac’s Australian customer base is focused on start-ups in snack food, confectionery, coffee, organic food, pets and more.Food and nutritional supplement space.The company says ePac Australian offers new cost-effective, time-saving, tailored and sustainable products to support small and medium-sized businesses looking to increase brand awareness.
Brown, general manager of the new facility, said: “Our key proposition is to enable local brands to bring their products to market in sustainable, locally-made packaging, available on demand.
“More and more small and medium-sized brands are looking to build their business, such as vegan or Keto brands, and the ePac will enable them to move forward with sustainable packaging that meets their needs and enables them to compete. Be part of their growth will be exciting.”
Brown said the new ePac factory will resume a large number of jobs currently sourced from China.”In one to two weeks, ePac customers will have no supply chain issues and will be able to respond to market demands much faster than they currently do,” he said.
The new ePac factory will produce flexible bags and rolls.The factory will be based on the same template as ePac’s other sites around the world, with some local differences.Centrestage will be two HP Indigo 25K digital flexo presses, the new machines replacing the 20000, printing at 31 meters per minute in four-color mode.Finishing will include solvent-free lamination, a high-end bag maker and valve inserter for degassing when required.
The packaging itself will be fully recyclable and will contain at least 30% post-consumer recycled content.”The entire ePac process means minimal waste from start to finish,” says Brown. “Printing on demand means no piles of inventory. Clearly not importing packaging from China can significantly reduce emissions.”
The company will also offer ePacConnect, which prints variable data QR codes on packaging to increase customer engagement, enhance brand experience, track and trace, and authenticity.
With 20 sites fully operational and currently under construction in Melbourne, the five-year-old ePac serves thousands of customers worldwide and generates approximately $200 million in annual revenue.Packaging giant Amcor just took a stake in the business.
Based entirely on HP Indigo’s breakthrough digital printing technology, the ePac serves local brands of all sizes, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized businesses producing snacks, confectionery, coffee, natural and organic food, pet food and nutritional supplements.
It offers lead times of 5 to 15 business days and focuses on small to medium orders, enabling brands to order on demand and avoid costly inventory and obsolescence.
Jack Knott, CEO of ePac Flexible Packaging, said: “We are delighted to expand ePac’s growing international business into Australia. We are focused on bringing the same great ePac experience to our customers, helping small and medium businesses grow and achieving big brand reach. .”
Brown said: “ePac has helped local brands grow into major contributors within the community, providing brands with unique products that enable them to go to market quickly in great packaging. Opening our first factory on Newlands Road is a great addition to ePac Australia. It’s an exciting milestone, and we’ve had an overwhelming response from the community.”
The ePac business was launched in the U.S. only five years ago to give local consumer packaged goods companies the ability to compete with big brands with great packaging and says it gives back to the communities it serves and contributes to creating a more sustainable cycle economy.Since the company opened its first manufacturing facility in 2016, ePac says its mission has been clear – to help small brands gain the clout of big brands and grow.
It says it is the first company to be created entirely based on HP’s breakthrough digital printing technology, HP Indigo 20000.The technology platform enables companies to offer fast time-to-market, economical short- and medium-run jobs, customization and the ability to order on demand to avoid costly inventory and obsolescence.
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Post time: Jun-10-2022